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Find real relationships

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Looking for a group?
You’ve come to the right place.

We believe that real life change and growth happens through real relationships. You can’t do life with everyone, but we can create a world where everyone has someone to do life with.

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How long doES group seasons typically last?

Typically our groups seasons take place two times a year, Fall and Spring, and will last about 10-12 weeks each. Core and Classes will run during the Fall and Spring Season.

Can I try multiple groups?

Our goal is for you to find the right group that you can call home. We encourage you to choose one group and stick to growth in community for that season.

Is childcare provided?

This varies for each group. It will be listed for each group whether it is or isn’t offered.

Will class and core groups be the same length of time as community groups?

Core Groups will run in the same season, but not on the same schedule, as Community Groups. You and your mentor will work on a schedule that works for you! Classes run for 4-6 weeks at a time during the season and are located on our campuses, or in the city for our portable campuses.