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While you can definitely join a group at anytime throughout the year, we have designed this calendar to help everyone have the opportunity for easy on and off ramps to and from our groups! We invite you to try out any group that you are interested in, and if you decide that it is not the right fit, you are more than welcome to transition groups at any time. Simply click on the link below to search for available groups, reach out to the leader, and they will be in touch with next steps!


How long do group seasons typically last?

Typically our groups seasons take place three times a year and will last about 10-12 weeks each. However, group leaders are always welcome to extend their meeting schedules depending on group members’ preferences.

What types of groups are there?

We have several different types of groups for different ages and stages of life. This includes groups for Men, Women, Youth, Co-Ed, Family, Care, and more.

Can I try multiple groups?

Of course! Our goal is for you to find the right group that you can call home. Often times, this could mean trying more than one group to ensure the right fit. Each season provides great opportunities for on and off ramps in our groups.

Is childcare provided?

This varies for each group. It will be listed for each group when it is or isn’t offered.

Are groups meeting in-person?

Yes! We have groups meeting in-person, online via video conference, and hybrid. Be sure to check the group description to find a group that fits you best. Please also feel free to reach out to the Group Leader if you have any questions regarding meeting location.

What if I would like to lead a group?

If you would like to lead a group, we encourage you to start by praying about who God would lead you to start your group with. Groups exist to build real relationships, and we recommend all groups to start with a minimum of four people. The best way to find a group is to start one!