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Purchase Request

The Purchase Request form is for non-budgeted items, events, and fluid items. Please complete this form prior to ANY purchase, including purchases for reimbursement.

Post Purchase Submission

The Post Purchase request form is designed to submit your receipts to finance after a purchase has been made that requires reimbursement or on the church card.

Small Group Childcare

Prior to submitting a reimbursement request for Small Group Childcare Reimbursement, we ask that you please review the policy Focus Church has laid out. The policy, along with a form to submit, can be found by clicking the button above.


Maintenance Request

Noticed something that needs repair in our facilities? Does something need to be updated or changed? Go ahead and submit a maintenance request today!

Outside Rental Request

Are you wanting to rent our facilities for a wedding, event, or other gathering? Fill out the below form!

Access Control Request

Do you want access to our buildings on a regular basis? Fill out the form below to request a key fob. Be sure to review the policy before submitting. 


Design Request

Do you need graphics, social media designs or more for your ministry or department?

Video Request

Do you need to have a video created for your department or ministry?

Communications Request

Communications Request

Example: Christmas at Focus, Food Truck Rodeo, etc.

Ministry Event

Example: Team Meeting, Parent Night, etc.