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Sierra had been attending Focus for a few months. She fell in love with the worship, the word, and the welcoming atmosphere. Sierra began to invite her friends to join her at church one Sunday. Victoria, a friend of Sierra’s, decided to take her up on that invitation and come to Focus Church, but Victoria wasn’t going to come alone. Victoria extended that invitation to a few of her friends, and the whole group came to Focus on Sunday, November 4th. Ashley was part of that group.

Through the powerful worship, and inspirational word that Pastor Mike shared about moving beyond your past and taking advantage of your second chance at life, Ashley felt compelled to be baptized. In her Sunday best dress, she took the plunge into the tank and went public with her faith. Because Sierra invited Victoria, Ashley ended up in the baptismal.

The power of an invitation goes beyond what you may even see possible. Our city will be reached not because of our social media presence, our worship, or even the preaching. Our city will be reached because you invite the one.


While on our Missions Trip to Haiti this year, Haley met a deaf gentleman. While they was finishing up the dishes from their meal a deaf man walked up to her and just started signing- which was confusing to her at first. When she realized that he was trying to communicate, Haley put her sign language degree to good use. They were getting to know each other and making small talk when a Haitian member of the 410 Bridge team came up to them and tried to get him to leave telling Haley, “this man is just crazy, don’t let him bother you.”

She quickly explained that he was not crazy, he was deaf! Then she was able to interpret for him and he was able to introduce himself to the man that called him crazy just a few moments before! Then they sat down and the deaf man told them about his situation and his struggles.

Haley reminded him of the goodness of the Gospel and he reassured them that he knew Jesus and attended a church in the area. After that Haley was able to introduce him to more Haitian members of the 410 Bridge team- this included connecting him with Madam Principal that lived near by in case he needed help.

Towards the end of our time together he thanked me for interpreting for him and told me everyone probably called him crazy because he would try to communicate that he needed food. The people in his community thought he was crazy, but because we were able to send a team to Haiti, and on that team was someone with an ASL degree, relationships were formed. God knew exactly what was needed for that man in La Croix, Haiti when he sent Haley.


During our baptism experience earlier this year, our elementary class, Flash, tuned in to the livestream on Facebook after they had their lesson on baptisms. While watching Pastor Mike finish his sermon, a boy in the class decided it was his time to take his faith public. Dylan told his teacher, and they got in contact with his mom who was sitting in the worship experience.

After confirming that Dylan knew the decision he was making, one of his teachers, Drew, brought him over to the worship experience and Dylan got to go public with his faith.

Every time we fill the baptismal tank, someone from the Next Generation is in it, ready to publicly declare their love for God.  The future at Focus is full of children & students who are ready to change the world for Jesus! The church will not die with our generation but will continue for generations to come.


Our student ministry has been growing and thriving in the environment we were able to upgrade for them with the funds from last year’s Destiny offering. They have grown so much, that the space they occupied was not large enough anymore. Because of your continued generosity, we were able to make changes to the gym in the Life Center to make room for more lives to be changed in the Next Generation.

To kick off their time in their new space, Twenty/20 threw the biggest party of the year called Glow Up. Over 117 students came to Glow Up, with 23 of those students attending for the first time. Since we made room in our house for more students, we were able to celebrate 17 salvations & rededications at Glow Up! More than cool lights and lots of haze, lives were changed, and that’s why we do what we do.

Since Glow Up, our student ministry has continued to see an increase in their attendance, and each week students lives are being changed forever through the way they are encountering God.