We are the youth with a vision.


Each and every week, 6th-12th grade students have the opportunity to experience Life Change Through Christ! Come out and experience it for yourself!

Wednesday Night
7000 Destiny Drive
Raleigh, NC 27502


E1 is the first Wednesday of the month where Everyone is together. At E1, we jam pack the service with games and worship, and kick off our series for the month.


G2 is our groups night which happens every 2nd Wednesday of the month. We get out of Focus Church HQ and into homes in Apex for a more laid back atmosphere. G2 is where you can relax, make some friends, eat some food, and explore all that God is speaking to the students and leaders of Twenty/20.


D3 is the most powerful night of the month for Twenty/20. We meet at Focus Church HQ for a night of intentional prayer and going deeper into a relationship with Christ.


At the end of the month at Twenty/20 we love to party; this is the night to invite your friends. We love to have campfires, game nights, kickball, and anything else you can think of at P4.


Four times a year there are five Wednesdays in the month; these 5th Wednesdays are T5 nights. T5 is where we Takeover a place outside of our normal meeting space.