Mother’s Day 2016

May 8th

When you’re a child, she walks before you to set an example. When you’re a teenager, she walks behind you to be there when you should need her. When you’re an adult, she walks beside you so you can enjoy life together. Join us as we celebrate mothers.

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Janet Daughtry is a certified life coach, the co-founder of Life Breakthrough Coaching & Academy, and a speaker who is passionate about speaking into women’s lives. She serves locally as a speaker/trainer for the Women’s Summer Empowerment Camps; and as a workshop presenter for various churches, businesses and events. Janet is also the co-founder of the Biblical Coaching Alliance, which is a network of hundreds of Christian Life Coaches around the world. When not coaching or training, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, or a nice dinner with friends, working in my garden, or a nice weekend get-away to the beach.

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